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Women's Hormonal Health

Balancing women's hormones naturally can help aid in weight loss, increase energy, improve sleep quality, restore fertility, and maintain the occurrence of upsets and mood swings.

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How it Works

Balancing women’s hormones naturally involves taking saliva samples of the pre-menopausal woman or post-menopausal woman. The saliva test for pre-menopausal women involves taking 17 different samples over a 28-day cycle to assess levels of both progesterone and estrogen to make sure that both the output and the ratio of estrogen to progesterone is in balance. For post-menopausal women, a 1-day test is given to assess all female and adrenal hormones.

Why it Works

What is quite relevant about this type of testing that makes it superior is that rather than taking a one-day sampling, where estrogen levels can be changing from day to day depending upon what part of the cycle the woman is in, our testing procedure allows us to take 17 samplings. The patient can test themselves at home and submit the saliva samplings together so that we can get an overall ratio of the output of hormones and look at the changes in the ovulation cycle. Our way of doing this affords the ability to treat the underlying cause rather than just treating symptoms. This is a truer way of balancing woman’s hormones naturally.

Hormonal Testing

Additionally, depending on the chronic symptoms that the woman may mention that she has, it is often necessary to check the adrenal systems because the adrenal system is the precursor system to making the female hormones. Often times a woman believes that their female system is changing because their hormones are changing, but it actually may be an early warning of adrenal failure which can be causing symptoms to the female system. The only way to truly assess what the underlying cause of the problem is for an issue is by proper hormonal evaluation. Saliva testing is superior to traditional blood testing because it not only shows what’s present for use in the blood but it shows how the body absorbs the hormones that were present.  This is a much more definitive evaluation than just looking at blood levels.

5 Aspects

The other aspect of balancing woman’s hormones that have to be approached is the fact that from a nutritional standpoint there are five different systems that are interrelated regarding hormonal evaluation and remediation. the first system is the female system comprised of the ovaries and uterus. Then we examine the heart, thyroid, adrenal glands, and pituitary. Once these five systems are examined, depending upon which system prioritizes, a nutritional approach may be used to support and correct the body without even running lab diagnosis.

Additional Testing

In the event that a patient has any diagnosed pathology, such as breast cancer, lab testing is absolutely necessary. If the patient has something simple like breast cysts, ovarian cysts, or chronic fertility issues, then I would recommend that we take this patient’s case towards a nutritionally based route using Nutrition Response Testing. Such things as mild fatigue, menstrual cramping, bloating, breast tenderness, or even heavy menstrual bleeding may be able to be handled nutritionally without the use of medication, invasive treatments, or dangerous testing.



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Hormonal Testing

11 saliva samples over a 28 day cycle to assess hormonal balance.

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Go over your laboratory findings with Dr. Ianniello and receive a written report.

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Correct underlying problems using nutrition and natural hormonal therapies.

Women's Hormonal Health Pricing

Initial Consult

  • Cost: $60 - 15 Minutes

Lab Testing

  • Paid directly to the lab upon services rendered.

Lab Report Review

  • Cost: $200 - 30 minutes to 1 hour

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